Women are treated with dignity and respect at our Center for Integrative Medicine.  Gone are the wasted hours spent in waiting rooms, the uninviting exam rooms, and rushed talks with doctors who dismiss women's concerns.

The health needs of women change throughout the different stages of their lives; from childbearing years through menopause and beyond.  Often, women do not receive the specialized health care they require and are offered treatments that serve to only eliminate symptoms.

At the Center, we believe that women need treatment that improves physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Nutrition, herbal remedies, and other cost-effective alternative therapies are incorporated into custom care plans that promote breast and GYN health, control hormonal fluctuations, and prevent osteoporosis--as well as other illnesses that often affect women.

Through the use of the Center's various treatment modalities, we can help you deal with various topics often of interest to women: how to deal with family problems; aging gracefully and healthfully; sleep and fatigue problems; skin problems; depression; menopause; and other life changes.

Our goal of total health and well being is reached by treating each woman as an individual--an individual whose unique life situation is taken into consideration when caring for her health.