Being overweight is a known modifiable risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, osteoarthritis, sleep apnoea, breathing problems and some forms of cancer. Two-thirds of adults living in the United States are overweight, with billions of dollars spent annually on weight loss products and treatment programs.

Typical diet programs treat you from the "outside in," by telling you how many pounds to lose after weighing you. The Weight Management and Mind-Body Skills programs at The Center for Integrative Medicine treat you from the "inside out," by evaluating how the interaction of your mind and body affects your ability to manage your weight and your health.

Integrating the best of traditional and complementary programs and therapies, Inner Harmony provides the effective tools to make permanent lifestyle changes, a path to true and lasting weight loss.

Rather than restrictive diets, forbidden food lists and concentration on pounds lost, our program focuses on managing weight by evaluating and treating the physical and emotional reasons for weight gain.

Inner Harmony's comprehensive program is physician supervised, offering both individual and group counselling sessions. Nutritional counselling is an integral part of the program, with acupuncture offered as a tool to aid in appetite suppression. Participants may select from yoga, Tai Chi Chih, ecstatic dance or resistance training as free incentives of our Weight Management program.

Lose weight and keep it off naturally with a reduction program designed by our multidisciplinary team. It's never too late to start.

New Support Groups for 2012

Staying true to our mission of treating the whole person, at inner harmony we realize that managing your weight involves more than just nutrition, it is truly a body and mind effort.  Our support groups are unlike any other.  We don’t use points or count calories; in fact we won’t even weight you!  Instead in our intimate and comfortable group setting we will establish a support system and provide you with the education and tools you need to be successful.  Each week a group discussion on varying topics will be led by our weight management specialist Janet Dunn Davenport.  Janet is a certified life coach, and health and nutrition counselor.  She will lead the group in discovering the root cause of their weight struggles.  We will examine mindful eating and lifestyle choices, in addition to goal setting and self-motivation. 

The inner harmony weight management support groups will:

  • Be beneficial to people at all stages of weight management
  • Provide great support in our 21-day purification program
  • The perfect place to try something new
  • Give you the skills, knowledge and support to be successful
  • Lead you to a healthier and happier you.